and thats why they call it Addison Road

In 1713 Col. Thomas Addison and James Stoddert obtained 3,000 acres between Rock Creek and the Potomac River. They called it  "Friendship" after the friendship of their two families . It was later purchased by John R. McLean who called it Friendship Heights.  

The Addisons are a founding family of Virginia and the District.

We don't know much about Mister Stoddert and we could not find a local road named for him. But he was born in Scotland, came here in 1650 and is buried in LaPlata (as are many of his family members) and was the grandfather of Benjamin Stoddert, First Secretary of the United States Navy. he lived at Halcyon House at the corner of 3400 Prospect Street NW. He is buried in the grasveyard at  the Addison Chapel in Seat Pleasant. 

**  We stand corrected. In fact there was a Stoddert Street, named after Benjamin Stoddert, in Washington. When the streets of Washington were rename din 1895, Stoddert street was changed to Q street NW. There is an apartment building at 2900 Q street called The Stoddert 

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