DC's second mayor

Daniel Rapine (born, June 11, 1768 - died, July 28 or July 29, 1826) was a bookseller and printer from Philadelphia who moved to DC with intention of opening a bookstore. He ended up as the city’s second mayor, elected by the city council in June 1812 and serving for one year.

                                                                      DC in 1818

Raphine had served on the City Council from 1802 to 1806 and then again in 1812, when Congress restructured city ordinances to create a council of aldermen for the city, which was empowered to elected  the mayor. However, the incumbent  mayor, Robert Brent, as wanted to be mayor. There was a vote which ended in a tie, so the council held a coin toss to dtermine who the next mayor would be.......Rapine won.   

 Rapine received federal money to fund the city's defenses for the war of 1812...the defenses didn’t do much good, the British, being the British, burned the city to the ground. Rapine also held a lottery to build and fund  two schools and a public water works. He served as Postmaster of the House of Representatives in the 1820s, until his death in July 1826.

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