Enough with the burning already

                                                 The capital building 1814

August 24 1814
At high noon, at the battle of Bladensburg,  the English Army essentially beats the daylights out of the US Army, which breaks ranks and runs.
In DC,  Dolly Madison, nobodies fool, leaves the White House with Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington and heads south the present day McLean.  
By 7:30 pm, the British are coming to DC. As a means to stop the oncoming British Army, DC residents set fire to the Anacostia bridge, but the English put the fire out  Around 8 pm, residents set  fire to the Navy Yard in Southeast  to prevent it from falling to the British. An hour and a half later, the English set fire to the Capitol. An hour and a half after that, the burn the Treasury Building, the War and State offices and the White House.
Suddenly the skies turned dark and DC was drenched in an enormous rain and wind storm which put out the fires and saved city.

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