How Largo maryland Got Its Name

Largo is named after the massive estate of  Colonel Ninian Beall which started in what is today Upper Marlboro and ended in about Largo.  The estate was called Fifer Largo which was named after the town he grew up in,   Largo, Fife, Scotland. (Actually Largo, Fifes Shire, Scotland, in 1625.) Beall  had been an officer in the Scottish-English Army, which fought for the Stuarts' Army against Cromwell but was captured and sent into servitude in  Barbadoes for five years. He made his way to Maryland and became rich.
His other plantation was called the Rock of Dunbarton, four hundred and eight acres, which was, basically,  all of upper Georgetown where the Univeristy is today. He gave that to his son, George.

Beallsville Maryland (orignally called Monocacy Church) is named for the Beall familu.


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