The Washington Infirmary

In 1806, the first public hospital in DC, The Washington Infirmary, was opened. It sat at 6th and 7th Streets, and M and N Streets, NW.  Its mission was to provide for "the poor, disabled, and infirm persons."  

In 1842, Congress authorized the conversion of the old jail in Judiciary Square into a hospital for disabled seamen and soldiers and the insane. Across the street from the jail-hospital at about the site where the court of appeals stands today, was a slave a market.

 Two years after the hospital was opened, it was moved to the medical faculty of Columbian College (George Washington University) and was renamed The Washington Infirmary. It was the city's first teaching hospital as well as the city's first general hospital.

It was taken over by the Army durng the Civil War. It burned to the ground in November 1861 and was later replaced by the Judiciary Square Hospital

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