1315 K Street, N.W

1403 K Street, N.W.

1417 G Street, N.W.,

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station, c. 1880-1910

Fords Theatre

Lafayette Square, Now Madison Place, c. 1899

Lincoln Hall at the NE corner of 9th and D Streets, N.W.

Mary Surratt house

New York Avenue and 15th Street, N.W., c. 1885

Odd Fellows Hall, c. 1885

Old D.C. City Hall and Court House

Supreme Court in Old Senate Chamber, c. 1900


Union Station

The Union Arch

Tiber Creek Canal

Operators, the Washington Phone Company

Street car to the Zoo

Rock Creek Park

The Wardman House

DC 1900

Old Supreme Court

Robing Room, Supreme Court

Red Room, White House 1912

Pension building 1912

Centre markey 1900

Old prison 1866