Washington, D.C., 1925. Stoneleigh Court apartments, L Street and Connecticut Avenue N.W.

William H. Taft was the first to be accompanied by his wife in the procession from the Capitol to the White House

Ulysses S. Grant's inauguration was the first a congressional committee called for the president at the White House and escorted him to the Capitol.

Takoma Park, Maryland, circa 1928. Washington Sanitarium

Rock Creek park

The Klan in Northern Virginia

March 4, 1913. Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson

James Buchannn sworn in as President

DC from space

April 2, 1925. Experiment at Gallaudet College by Prof. R.H. Gault

Treasury buillding

Fords Thearter

The old kitchen in the White House basement, c. 1891.

Temporary war room on the second floor of the White House during the Spanish-American war, c. 1898.

The White House

The first House of Representatives chamber

Quentin Roosevelt and his playmate Roswell Newcomb Pinckney, 1902.


Mrs. Russell (Mary) Harrison with her daughter Marthena and nephew Benjamin Harrison McKee. ca. 1889.

June 1919. Palmer house after bomb explosion. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer's house at 2132 R Street NW after the June 2. Tonly casualty was anarchist Carlo Valdinoci, dynamite-packed

Admiral Farragut of Farragut Square

Alice Roosevelt in the White House conservatory, 1902.

1924. Senator Capper of Kansas.

1924. Maret French School

1924. Interstate Commerce Commission building

1924. Evening Star building Pa. Ave and 12th Street NW

The 1974 bus strike